The Wetherell Award 

for the Leading All-Rounder in Schools Cricket

(The image above features the 1977 Schoolboy Winner, Derek Pringle, being presented with the Wetherell Award by Clive Rice).

2019 Winner - George Hill (Sedbergh School)

There are two categories:

Leading All-Rounder in English First Class Cricket
Leading All-Rounder in Schools Cricket

The origins of The Wetherell Award date from when out of the blue The Cricket Society was contacted by a Solicitor, Roger Cronin, who explained that his cousin, Rex Wetherell had left a substantial bequest in his Will to The Cricket Society.  Rex Wetherell, a Member of The Cricket Society, who had lived abroad for some time had developed a special affinity with Cricketing-All-Rounders.  He wanted The Cricket Society to utilise a complicated formula to establish annually the best All-Rounders in the previous season at different levels, ie. First Class Cricket and Schools.

Hence the advent of The Wetherell Trophy.  The Trophy was designed by the leading Silversmith, Toye Kenning, whose Chief Designer was fortunately a cricket lover.

Thanks to the foresight of Rex Wetherell the long list of winners is a delight and a triumph for The Cricket Society.

The Winners are decided by The Cricket Society Executive Committee based upon a report provided by the Statistical Officer of The Cricket Society.  The Awards are given on the basis of a formula which sets a qualifying benchmark (so many runs, so many wickets) and thence a ratio.

Past Winners

2018 - George Hill (Sedbergh School)

2017 - Andrew Bramley (Leys School, Cambridge)

2016 - Aaran Amin (Merchant Taylors', Northwood)

2015  - L. Tyrell  (Aldenham School)

2014 - S. M. Curran  (Wellington College)  

2013 - N. Kumar  (Repton School)

2012 - T. Abell  (Taunton School)

2011 - Jack Mynott  (Dauntsey's School)

2010 - Zafar Ansari  (Hampton School)

2009 - Aaron West  (Brentwood School)

2008 - Tom Nicoll  (Highgate School)

2007 - Jordan Clark  (Sedbergh School)

2006 - David Syers  (Leeds Grammar School)

2005 -  Luke Harvey  (Repton School)

2004 -  J. O’Sullivan  (Merchant Taylors’,Northwood)

2003 - W. Potgieter  (Merchiston Castle School)

2002 - S. Crampton  (Tiffin School)

2001 - B.McKerchar  (Merchiston Castle School)

2000 - R.M. Wilkinson  (Worcester Royal Grammar)

1999 - W. Durston  (Millfield School)

1998 - J. Porter  (St. John's, Leatherhead)

1997 - S.C.B. Tomlinson  (The Oratory, Reading)

1996 - S.C.B. Tomlinson  (The Oratory, Reading)

1995 - C.G. Taylor (Colston's Collegiate School, Bristol)

1994 - R.W. Nowell  (Trinity School)

1993 - W.J. House  (Sevenoaks School)

1992 - R.W. Nowell  (Trinity School)      

         - D. Spencer  (Kingston Grammar School)

1991 - J.R. Carpenter  (Birkenhead School)

Past Winners (continued)

1990 - J.M. Inglis  (Solihull School)

1989 - S.C. Ecclestone  (Bryanston School)

1988 - N. Shahid  (Ipswich School)

1987 - H.A.M.Marcelline  (Bishop's Stortford College)

1986 - A.D. Brown  (Caterham School)

1985 - J. R. Ayling  (Portsmouth Grammar School)

1984 - M.A. Roseberry  (Durham School)

1983 - M.A. Roseberry  (Durham School)

1982 - M.J. Russell-Vick  (Sutton Valence School)

1981 - P.R.C. Robinson  (Tiffin School)

1980 - J.C. Waite  (Emmanuel School)

1979 - M.D. Bailey  (Ipswich School)

1978 - R.M. Ellison  (Tonbridge School)

1977 - D.R. Pringle  (Felsted School)

1976 -  I.R. Payne  (Emmanuel School)

1975 - C.S. Cowdrey  (Tonbridge School)

1974 P.G. Ingham (Ashville College)

1973 J. Wood (Leeds Grammar School)

1972 D. Vincent (Woodhouse Grove School)

1971 M. Morgan (Denstone College)

1970 B.R. Weeden (King's School, Canterbury)

1969 P.D. Johnson (Nottingham High School)

1968 P.D. Johnson (Nottingham High School)

1967 D.R. Owen-Thomas (K.C.S., Wimbledon)

All paintings and Illustrations featured are reproduced by kind permission of Christina Pierce - Cricket Artist.
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